Friday, 17 October 2014

Online Company Branding

Company Branding is a division that does some careful planning and deals
directly with the key players in your company.

Online company branding has to be well planned out and in line with the
whole company policy. This would include future goals and targets to be
reached within the near future and a five year plan.

Online Company Branding will dictate all other divisions of our SEO South
Africa company. This is the most important division and we encourage any
company new or established to make use of this facility as this will save
time and money for you.

Having a clear vision of your company goals, implementing and being able to
set out these goals and marketing targets on schedule will enable SEO South
Africa to make all campaigns for our clients a huge success.

Online reputation management is a big part of this division, search engine
optimization plays a key part in this as negative search results or keyword
phrases will damage the authenticity of your company and it's Branding.

Online company branding is spread across the whole spectrum of the internet,
with the inclusion of social media, blogs, forums, interactive product
reviews and more.

Monitoring what is being said about your company and keeping track of
reputation and opinions is very important, these metrics have to be

Listening to your customers is very important and has to be included in
monitoring user generated content. This is a good thing as it gives you
real-time insight as to what is being said about your company and also
finding out what your company can do to improve its, service product and
reputation, which all contributes to online company branding.

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Here follow SEO tips and tricks for beginners

Please note that this list is in no particular order. These tips and tricks
are just some seo techniques. Please contact SEO South Africa for an website

Content is king, so make sure you have unique, up to date relevant content.

Do keyword research, make sure your keywords have got high search volume,
ideally with low competition for the key word.

Focus on keyword phrases rather than single or short keywords, long tail
keywords will get you found easier.

Use the keywords in your text links (anchor text) the more relevant the
better the results.

Make "" your preferred site. in other words redirect
"" with a 301 redirect.

If you have any home page links, index.html, point them to

Frames and Flash are best not to be used on any pages you planning to
optimise, if so make sure you have credible content on the page.

Blog, Blog, Blog, especially if your website content does not change often,
spiders love fresh content.

Link building is long term and is all about quality and not quantity check
the reputation and page rank of websites you looking to get links from.

Make sure your website is easy to use.

Create CTA's, without call to action pages your seo efforts may all lead to

Add "ALT tags" to your images - make sure your images are named to optimise
seo image searches.

Understand how social media marketing works, its a big part of seo

SEO is all about: Text, Links, Popularity and Reputation!

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Understanding SEO

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization.

This entails the process of getting free traffic from the following sources:

organic listings on search engines, editorial links from reputable web sites
and listings from web directories.

The major websites are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

These search engines distribute links in different forms ranging from web
pages, images and videos. Search engines rank theses web pages according to
relevancy, which is most relevant to the search term posed by the internet

These listings are called organic in search engine optimisation because the
listings are generated free and not using paid listings such as Google
adwords etc.

There are two types of search engine optimisation, on page optimisation and
off page optimisation.

On page search engine optimisation

is everything that can be adjusted on the web page, if your search engine
optimisation company is worth their salt, your web page should be scoring
well above 80%.

Off page search engine optimisation takes some more time and is largely
built up by generating quality links (link building) from other reputable
web sites.

This takes patients and time, but is well worth it because every reputable
link that is built secures your position in your search engine optimisation
rankings on the top search engines.

Other off page search engine optimization includes:

Social media marketing
Blog posts
Press releases
Article submissions

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