Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Business Can Leverage Live in Facebook Groups and Events

Since Live has hit the social platform, many well-known figures such as Guy Kawasaki and Robert Scoble have become regular streamers. Yet, despite how adored the technology is by many, there are still plenty of individuals who are annoyed by the unasked-for notifications that ‘so and so’ is now live; this is evident by the variety of Google results in this vein. This means that some businesses can actually become something of a nuisance to their followers who don’t know how to disable these notifications. By broadcasting to specific Facebook groups, which users must opt into, this circumvents the issue all together. But this is far from the greatest part of broadcasting to groups and events.
While creating a group can serve as a dedicated portal for all of your business’ live streaming activities, more niche conversations can be created through live video, directly addressing user interest on certain topics. Internet dwellers love Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) subreddit and it often produces astronomical engagement stat's. Live’s integration with Groups now allows you to effectively hold AMA sessions but with the added benefit of users seeing your face; which brings to light the essential humanization element. Additionally, your brand can live stream breaking news surrounding the company, provide group members an inside look at operations, live product tutorials, and an endless variety of other discussion topics. Use it for customer support issues that you know are pervasive, communicate pre-launch excitement for new products, or just create a regular update from the CEO.
Regarding events, ceremonies that were previously restricted due to building capacity limitations can be broadcast right into people’s homes and phones. Have a company party coming up? Invite your brand’s entire Facebook following to join in on the fun. Ready to show off a product that is about to launch? Hold an un-boxing event and let all of your fans be a part of that excitement. The possibilities are truly limitless.
By integrating Live with Groups and Events, businesses can show a whole new side to their followers. Group and event members can really feel like a part of the action. With the added ability to easily promote these broadcasts through creating and sharing dedicated pages, a non-intrusive way of inviting potential viewers to watch live broadcasts has just been unleashed to Facebook Live users.
If you are not already leveraging some live streaming video platform, now is the time to get in on it. If you are broadcasting but not on Facebook, you may want to consider making the switch; Facebook Live is already a part of the application that has been downloaded more than a billion times and resides on the most far-reaching social platform to ever exist. The bottom line is that Facebook Live has a serious advantage when it comes to dominating the live streaming arena.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Publish high-quality content on your website.

One of the things that Google prizes most is high-quality, unique content. It’s likely that this ranking factor will remain strong no matter what else happens in the world of SEO. Because of this, it’s critical to focus on creating reputable content while also improving the mobile responsiveness of your site. While it’s critical to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile search as much as possible, it’s also important to ensure that you’re not losing sight of your content creation efforts in the process. When taken together, mobile optimization and quality content combine to form the ultimate SEO strategy.